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The average Australian household uses 800 litres of water per day!

All Clear Wastewater is an independently owned and operated business providing a personalised alternative for your wastewater treatment service. Being an independent organization we are empowered with the flexibility and knowledge required for prompt and decisive action. We alone are responsible for the services we provide.

Wastewater Facts

Reusing wastewater from laundry and bathroom/s can save about 100,000 L each year!

A typical family of four produces about 360 L/day of greywater = 135,000 L/year

The average Australian family uses 800 L of fresh water each day, and about one-third to one-half of this is used on the garden.

The percentage of households using recycled or grey water in each Australian state

0% New South Wales
0% Tasmania
0% Queensland
0% Western Australia
0% Victoria
0% South Australia

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013